Monday, 9 December 2013

About Bagrote Valley

Bagrot Valley is a valley in the Karakorum Mountain range in Gilgit–Baltistan.
Shina language is spoken and understood in all villages of Bagrot. The river flows through this valley that is Bagrote River, supplies water to Jalalabad and Oshikhandass and merges with the Gilgit River. Tourist visits this valley mostly in summer. The valley is about half an hour's drive from Gilgit city. This valley is known for its fruits and vegetables which it supplies to city Gilgit. Ice from the Glacier is supplied to Gilgit city in summer from this valley, as there is no ice factory in Gilgit. The ice is brought from the Glacier of Karakoram range. The villages of HamaranSinakerDatuchiBolchiChirahFarfu and Hopay lie here and are interconnected by an unmettalled road. Villages on either side of the valley are linked via cable cars (allowing for easy transport of goods and livestock) and the river passes underneath which comes from glaciers of Karakoram Range.The means of economy is agriculture. However with the recent construction of the Karakorum Highway, the area has been exposed to western civilization, with small cinemas, retail outlets for mountain equipment and apparel, and small hotels opening to facilitate visitors. However the area is completely (Shitte) Muslims.
Bagrot valley is mainly divided into 3 regions:
1- Oshkhandass :
Oshkhandass is the very first region while going toward the main valley Bagrot. The Languages spoken in the region are: Shina, and Brushaski. Some of the people in the region (Oshkhandass) are immigrants of Hunza valley during the violence created by King Gohramaan in the early 18th century, whereas the rest were the residents of Bagrot Valley, known as The Bagoros, and remaining are the immigrants of other valleys like Hiramosh and Astore valley. Shias and Ismailies are the two major sects contributing to the society of Oshkhandass.
The literacy rate of this region is above 90% and growing.
The region has produced well-known personalities like Chief Court Judge Muzaffar, who was the previous MNA of NA-3.
Aftab Haider, member of Pakistan People Party, who has been simultaneously selected as the MNA of NA-3.
Lecturer Mansoor, Is a popular personnel of the region for his concerns towards the literacy. He is also known for his commitments and master skill in the subject of Chemistry in the province.
2-Inner Bagrot:
The name is taken in the general sense, although it consists of Sinaker, Datushi, Bulchi, Chirah, Farphu, Hoppey.
Bagrot valley is an attractive place due to its mesmerizing resorts such as Sat’t and the glittering glacier. Tourists end up in the resorts which are named above.
The people in the region are independent and make their own living. This region has created many well-reputed personalities like Doctors, Engineers, and Scholars.
-Dr. Hussain Ali, Dr. Matam Shah, Dr. Hashmat Ali, Dr. Fazil Hussain,
-Ahmed Ali,  (Retd) Duty Director Education.
-Justice ATC Aqeel,

3- Jalalabad:
Whenever the discussion about Bagrot valley is ignited, the name of Jalalabad makes a difference, for its literacy rate and officers it has produced. Some among many officers are highly respected in Pakistan. Engineers, Doctors, Bureaucrats, Professors and reputed teachers.
- Justice Mustafa
- Retd Director of Education Fazil Shah
- DSP Yaqoob Ali, DSP Gulam Mohd, DSP (Retd) Muhammad Raza
- Headmaster Gulam Nabi Wafa
- Headmaster Bakhtawar Shah
- Professor Manzoom Ali, Prof. Anjum Ali, Prof. Zaigham Ali, Prof. Mir Alam
- Chief Engineer Balochistan Manzoor Hussain
- Colonel Farman, Col. Abrar Hussain, Col Basharat Hussain, Maj Maqbool, Maj Akram, Capt Ehtishaam, Flight Lieutenant Adnan Wali, Flight Lieutenant Mamzoor Hussain, Capt Ahmed, Lt. Haider Abbas
- M.D Alcatel KSA Region Eng. Wajid Ali Shah,
- Eng. Fida Hussain, Ex. Eng. Kareem, Ex. Eng. Ali Muzaffar.
- Dr. Wali Mohd, Dr. Zaman, Dr. Babar, Dr. Azhar
The region is also known for the sectarian war which took place in 1988 as the black day for the history writers.

The regions described above are all known under one name as, The Bagrot Valley.